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  1. Make a 1 minute dance video with your dance partner and send us your "Before" Video (Mail, WhatsApp,
  2. In return you will receive a 50% coupon code, which is available for one class of your choice except the membership subscription.
  3. Learn, train and improve. Show your new skills and send us your transformation video. In the end of this video I want you to say: "Dance to feel it".
  4. This video will appear on this homepage as a testimonial.

You gonna learn:

  1. Dance Posture
  2. Partner Work
  3. How to move stylish
  4. How to relax as a Leader
  5. How to dance minimalistic
  6. Learn stylish and short Combos
  7. How to dance natural
  8. Shines
  9. Beautiful choreographies for every feeling and purpose (wedding dance, shows)
  10. Find your unique style by using your strength

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