"I don't know how to make her enjoy the dance"

This 1:1 mentoring is designed for you if you know how to dance but continually find yourself unsure how to make her enjoy the dance.

With 10 years of dancing experience, I've witnessed many male dancers grappling with the same issues. Even experienced dancers sometimes believe they need a myriad of moves to impress a lady. The truth is, men often don't know what she really needs, and sometimes it has nothing to do with dancing.

After this 1:1 mentoring, you'll leave feeling more self-confident, self-reflective, and ultimately more visible and attractive to women on the dance floor and beyond.

I was a shy & insecure guy dancing with a corner.

I was once a shy and insecure guy, sticking to the corners while dancing. It might be hard to believe, but it's true: I was extremely shy.

Luckily, I found a video that proves it. Take a look at me dancing at the Salsa Festival in Frankfurt 2012. I vividly remember that feeling, thinking I wasn't good enough to make her enjoy the dance. Instead, I spent the whole night dancing with a corner. Check following minutes: 3:18-3:41
(watch the original Youtube Video)

Are you ready to connect to any women and make her wants to dance with you?

At the end of this mentoring you will be able to:

  1. understand the important law of polarity and how that affects you.
  2. reading her body language to understand her undercover sex signals.
  3. to connect to any women and make her wants to dance with you.
  4. to implement men styling in each salsa move.
  5. stop searching for new dance moves because she gives a fuck how many moves you do. It is mostly about connection and mutual energy.
  6. to be aware of your strength and get familiar with the secrets of life.
  7. to release negative blockages and transform you in the best version of Yourself.

The best investment to transform yourself into a confident man

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Is this mentoring only for (salsa, bachata) dancers?

Absolutely not. This 1:1 mentoring is for every men who is willing to become a better version of himself. You don't need to become a dancer.

How to does it work?

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